As you may know, back in March 2020, in the middle of conceiving The School for Theatre Creators’ Italian branch, Covid -19 struck, forcing us to leave behind life as we knew it and witnessing a new one shaped by the pandemic. The work we offer, however, demands that we physically inhabit the same space and that together, through our presence, we create a new one: the dramatic space, the poetic space, the charged space, the embodied space. As such, we refused to take our programs online, fearing that our work could be compromised and that we couldn’t guarantee the same quality of training on that medium.

The pandemic is far from being solved, but each day brings with it positive news that helps us imagine and plan for being in the same space with you again. What follows is the exciting result of this careful planning.

We are finally ready to announce the opening of our new Italian branch, PADOVARTS ACADEMY – the International School of Performing Arts, starting October 2021. This school season will be residential, offering an experience for all students to work and live on-campus, and our public performances will be slightly adjusted to account for COVID-19 restrictions. But finally we will be able to train, explore, experiment and grow again together and in the same space!

We hope what follows excites and informs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Paola Coletto
Founder & Director