We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Italian home, PADOVARTS ACADEMY – the International School of Performing Arts, starting our new season in October 2021.

Beginning with Bouffon, moving through Mask and ending with Clown, the program’s academic year consists of three independent terms of 11 weeks each. Each term is devoted to only one creative territory, offering the opportunity to delve deeply into each style, allowing a breadth of study and practice that is rarely available today. Each term is self-contained and has a comprehensive curriculum specifically built to support that particular dramatic territory.  Also, each term can be taken independently or as part of the series. 

An evolution of The School for Theater Creators, founded in Chicago in 2012, PadovArts Academy is a collaboration between The School and Barabao Teatro, a professional touring company based in Padova with 30 years of experience in creating, producing and performing original shows. As a result of this collaboration, the students will gain insight into the real day to day workings of a successful theater company and will benefit from the practical experience of also creating, producing and performing while led by the expertise that the company brings to their mentorship. This, in addition to our rigorous training program will better prepare them for a full life in the arts.  

We hope what follows excites and informs, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  


Paola Coletto
Pedagogical Director