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The Academy’s pedagogical structure rests on three foundational elements:

Professional Training

The Academy, led by a team of international master teachers, invites students to embark on a pedagogical journey that will fundamentally impact the course of their artistic lives. While rooted in the work of Jacques Lecoq, the program incorporates other physical disciplines and artistic approaches to encourage a broad exploration, with the body, gesture, and play placed at the center of the creative process. Through exploration, experimentation, rigorous training and creative problem solving, the program at the Academy gives students invaluable creative tools to add to their tool box and use in the pursuit of their artistic goals.

Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Exchange

While the pedagogy is rooted in the performing arts, The Academy embraces artists from every field and cultural background. Students embark together on a search for new ways to create original and visionary works of art possible only through this synergy.

Collaborative Approach

Students at The Academy, work in collaboration with each other and their instructors to create public performances including shows, installations, processions and events. These productions offer students the opportunity to experience first-hand all aspects of the creation of a live performance, from conception to execution.


Movement Analysis and Technique

The 20 Movements of Jacques Lecoq

Elements of Acrobatics

Rhythm Work



Creating Ensemble

Vocal Preparation 

Writing for the Stage

Relationship with the Audience

Presence and Authenticity

Spatial Awareness

Play & Levels of Play


The program’s academic year is comprised of three independent terms of 11 weeks each. Each term is self-contained and can be taken independently or as part of the series (8 months).

The curriculum of each term is a complete pedagogical journey offering students an in-depth, practical exploration. Because each eleven weeks term is devoted to only one creative territory, it gives both the students and teachers the opportunity to delve deeply into each style, allowing a breadth of study and practice that is rarely available today.

Each term is comprised of three elements:

Studio – Classroom work led by master teachers.
Workshop – Space for both unsupervised devised work and teacher led tutorials in practical construction which support the territories being explored in the studio.
Production – During the 11 weeks, students work in collaboration for the implementation of the large-scale final project under the supervision of mentors chosen specifically for that term.

Each term culminates in a public performance created by the students, in collaboration with mentors chosen specifically for the relevant style.


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